Corbett Falls – Nature in Abundance


Besides Tigers and wild elephants, the area around Jim Corbett National Park has many small wonders to offer. The entire area of Jim corbett National Park is abundant with Nature. One of such place which is about 27 kms from Ramnagar is a small waterfall called “Corbett Falls”. The place is also named after Jim Corbett just like the Tiger Reserve where it is situated. The place can be termed as bowl of nature. It looks untouched. The place is not for people who are Tiger Maniacs and are so obsessed with the sight of tiger that they forget to admire real beauty of Jim Corbett National Park, which lies in its landscape and the nature surrounding it.

Jim Corbett National Park

The area around the Falls is a dense forest. From the main road one has to trek about 1.5 kms to reach the falls. The trek is in between the tall trees and small streams. You also have to cross a small bridge mid way. the place is serene and very beautiful. The fall cascades down from a height of 20 meters and forms a small pool. Earlier swimming was allowed in the pool, but because of few accidents the same has been stopped now. 

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

There is enough parking available. There are charges for the car / vehicle as well as for each individual. The place is good for photography and one can enjoy few hours in lap of nature here. 

Jim Corbett National Park

The falls open at 8 am and closes at 5 pm. It was developed as a picnic spot for the travelers, but the place has come out beautifully. Once can enjoy Bird watching and photography. While visiting the falls you should carry your own water and eatables as there are no shops and eateries in the area. The place is ideal for camping and trying to get some inner peace in the lap of nature. Besides Tiger, Jim Corbett National Park has nature in abundance. The beautiful Kosi River and its fresh water, more than 500 species of birds, wonderful forest and small but beautiful waterfall in between the forest. I have always enjoyed this area more for its nature rather than its Tigers which are very hard to find, though high in number.  

There are many other places like Garjia Devi Temple, Sita Bani (A historical site), Corbett Museum which are as beautiful as the park itself.

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