Abode of Goddess Karni…. The Famous Rat Temple of Bikaner


Deshnoke is a small town in Bikaner District of Rajasthan. It is about 30 kms from Bikaner city. It is on National Highway number 89 (NH 89) going towards Nokha and Nagaur. This small sleepy town is famous for its 600 year old temple of Goddess Karni. The place is abode of Goddess Karni. The temple is a famous Rat Temple where one finds rats everywhere but they do not harm anyone. It is believed that the temple houses around 20,000 rats, which roam, relax fearlessly in the temple compound. Almost all of them are black rats but there are few white rats also, whose sighting is considered auspicious.

The temple is a must visit if you are visiting Bikaner. These rats are called “Khaba” by the locals and are worshiped in the temple.

Rat Temple Bikaner
Rats Drinking Milk

What is surprising is that instead of so many rats the place is completely free of plaque or any other disease. Devotees eat left over prasadm eaten by rats and nothing happens to them. Another thing that one notices is that there are no baby rats in the temple in-spite of so many rats present. All seem to be same. It is believed that if a rat is killed, the devotee who killed the rat has to replace it with silver rat (Khaba). It is considered auspicious if a rats climbs your feet. What one also notices while visiting the temple is that there is foul smell of living or dead rats. Dead rats are not noticed any where in the temple.  The temple is frequented by devotees from the states of Rajasthan and Haryana.

The current building of the temple was completed by Maharaj Ganga Singh in 20th Century. The temple has doors made of Solid Silver which were built by Maharaja Ganga Singh. Karni Mata Fair is organised twice a year, The first one in the month of March-April during the Navratras (9 pious days dedicated to Goddess Durga) and the second one is celebrated in the months of September-October during second Navratras. The Navratra festival dedicated to Goddess Durga falls twice a year and the Fair is organised in these days only.   

The temple opens at 4 am in the morning and it is advised to visit early as it gets hot during day. If going by your own vehicle, park it in front of any shop outside the temple. The shopkeeper happily takes care of the vehicle in lieu of Prasad (Offering to the God) that you buy from his shop.

Do not forget to eat Onion Kachoris (Stuffed and fried Indian bread) from small shops outside. Though the shops are small but they prepare some authentic Kachoris.

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8 thoughts on “Abode of Goddess Karni…. The Famous Rat Temple of Bikaner

  • September 27, 2017 at 9:27 am

    I know about this temple. Thanks for giving the detailed information and lovely pictures.

  • October 22, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    I have read quite a number of articles on this temple. Am eager to visit it personally and see those rats. They are really blessed where rats are usually being dreaded by us.

    • October 25, 2017 at 7:42 am

      The world has many beautiful and amazing places and travel opens our eyes to them….. this temple is unique and it tells us how we and all the other creations of nature can live together in peace and harmony……


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