Life on a House Boat….. Hanuwantia Islands – Madhya Pradesh


Is it Kashmir….. but why that thought…. From our childhood we have been hearing about house boat in Dal Lake in the beautiful city of Kashmir, read so many blogs on the experience of the same, but was not able to go there and get the experience. India is a big country and at times it is not possible to travel each and every place. Moreover, The tourism is on decline in the valley of Kashmir due to insurgency issues. Travel in India is amazing. It throws surprises every where. While traveling to Hanuwantia Island, we were not aware that Madhya Pradesh Tourism also maintains two house boats and you can pre-book or book at the site if they are not occupied. There are two house boats. These house boats are managed by Tourist Complex (check photos and review of Tourist Complex here), which is a MP tourism Property.

Each house has 3 beautiful rooms. The interior of each room is different. The rooms are Air Conditioned and each has attached toilet. There is small kitchen in each house boat. But it serves tea and snacks only. The food is supplied from the Tourist Complex Kitchen and a speed boat is used to deliver the same. The upper deck of the house boat has a huge hall which is used as dining area and also can be used for small conferences. 

The adventure starts for the boarding point at boat club only. Since the House boats are parked away from the coast in deep waters, you are taken there by speed boat. The butterflies starts playing with your stomach as soon as you are given a life jacket before boarding the speed boat. And when you are in the speed of the boat and the sound that it makes while cutting waves in the water is very adventures. The feeling of the cold water of the Narmada splashing against your face is refreshing. It takes about 15-20 minutes to reach house boats and in those deep waters this time looks very long for first timers.

House Boat Hanuwantiya
Boarding Point

When you reach the house boat the entry inside is not a very easy task. The door to enter the same is a bit high as it as compared to the speed boat. The complete experience is thrilling and very refreshing. When the weather is windy, the waves are high. In such a situation one is not allowed to go towards house boats. 

Do not forget to go for nature walk on one of the islands (there are many). They are secluded and uninhabited. 

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