Lucky Dhaba – NH1 – Jalandhar


Travel in India is amazing. Its not only about places but also the food which changes its taste and color and offers thousand of varieties as you move from one place to another. In my earlier review on Dhabas I had written about the changing perspective of the same. The article can be read here. But there are few among these many who have still maintained the taste and quality though the outlook and ambiance of them has changed considerably. One of such place is Lucky Dhaba, located on NH1 in Jalandhar district of state of Punjab. I visited this place while returning from my visit to Amritsar along with my family. 

The place was started in 1967 by Sarday Waryan Singh. The family had migrated from Sialkot, which lies in Pakistan at the time of Independence. From truckers Dhaba to the current one which offers air condition sitting and a red colored beautiful building, a lot has changed except for the taste. The old photos telling the story of the dhaba can be seen on its wall.

The place falls on left side of the highway while coming from Amritsar. There is a flyover constructed and the place now falls on the sideways of the same. Even after crossing the flyover you can can reach the place by taking a small cut and taking the service road or you can enter the service road before start of the flyover.

Lucky Dhaba – Jalandhar

We were told about the place by one of my friend who is a resident of Amritsar and he insisted that we should not miss it and we obliged only to be thankful to him for guiding us to this tasteful place. We ordered few Paranthas along with Daal Makhani.  We wanted to try this new taste as suggested by him. They start with a plate which consists of four different type of Pickles. We tasted all of them and they were delicious. 

Pickle Plate


Parantha served with Butter


Colorful table of taste

The place has a history and that is beautifully preserved and depicted on a wall behind the cash counter. You can meet the current owner and talk to him. He very proudly tells the history of the Place. The food was very tasty and fully enjoyed. The place is a must visit if you want to enjoy true taste of Punjab.


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