Trio Restaurants – Jaisalmer

Trio is a famous name in Jaisalmer. Situated near Bank of Baroda at Gandhi Chowk, it is considered to be a must visit place for every traveler on many sites. While our stay in Jaisalmer we also thought of giving it a try. We went there for lunch with family. The ambiance was not bad. We had to climb narrow stairs to reach first floor. Few army men were enjoying beer and food.

Going Upstairs


Another View from Outside

We ordered Lal Maans – (Mutton prepared in red gravy, a famous Rajasthani Royal dish) and Kadhai Paneer along with Butter Naan and Tandoori Roti (type of Indian Breads).


Lal Maans and Kadhai Paneer

It took them a while to serve the food, the wait was long and certainly not very comfortable.  Lal Maans was looking good. The mutton was not cooked well. I asked them about the time it took to cook Lal Maans, the waiter told one and half hour, which was much less as the recipe takes much more time and cooked slowly. People who have not tasted real Lal Maans will not find it bad at all.  Kadhai Paneer was good.

Inside view

The Restaurant cannot be rated very high, though it is not bad at all. The service need to improve and also the quality. Overall not a bad experience.

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