Visit to Khuri village in Jaisalmer

We decided to start our journey of Jaisalmer (a part of our 2300 kms road journey of desert circuit in the state of Rajasthan) from Khuri in Jaisalmer. Now something about Khuri. There are two desert spots in Jaisalmer. Sam is more famous and crowded. Khuri is another village where you can stay and enjoy the life of desert. It is about 45 kms from Jaisalmer towards South-West.  You have to take Jaisalmer Barmer Road i.e. NH 68. About 2-3- kms on the road you have to take a right turn towards Khuri village. The road is single and passes through Desert National Park. If you are lucky you can see some deers, desert fox or The Great India Bustard (Endangered Bird rarely seen now).

Single Road to Khuri Village

En route you will see huge wind mills from Suzlon in the entire region.


Wind Mills

The resort Registhan Guest House where we stayed offered basic facilities since it was situated in the village. It was true experience of village life. The resort is managed by a group of six brothers, all very generous and always eager to help.

View of Resort from Outside
Thatched Roof Hut inside the Resort


Another View from Inside

Tane Singh Bhati one of the owner of the resort organised camel safari to the sand dunes in the evening. You can also spent night on the dunes. They make all the arrangements. The sand dunes were right in front of the resort. Dance and songs program was organised in the night, before the dinner. The dinner was buffet style, vegetarian and local dishes were served. Ker Sangdi vegetable is must try. Ker and Sangdi are two different things and are seasonal, which are collected by locals from the jungles. They are dried and preserved. The vegetable was delicious.

View of Sand Dunes from the Resort

We witnessed village life since the resort was located inside the village. Water is a precious community in entire Rajasthan and specially in the desert area. Few photographs of the village life:

Villagers collecting water


Ageless Routine


Well decorated Well
Old structure


Village House

The village life is not complex. People have time to sit together and spent hours talking on various subjects. They have time for each other. Their requirements are simple. Many of the villages in and around sand dunes in Jaisalmer are coming up as tourist attractions, thus creating plenty of job opportunities.

Once we moved out of villages and migrated to bigger cities to earn and now we spend that earned money to go back to that simple life to spend few days peacefully. Indeed history repeats itself…. But alas man never learns from history….

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  • August 30, 2017 at 9:53 am

    This website you have created, is beautiful. I am so grateful that you led me too it via your wordpress site today. I will continue to follow you through WordPress because that is the simplest way for me but I know I will spend hours reading articles that you have already published here. This one, I chose because I am presently reading a novel set in Rajastan in early 1930s and for me this has brought to life some of the description of the novelist. Thank you so much. Namaste. Osyth

    • August 30, 2017 at 9:56 am

      thanks Osyth….. your comments mean a lot….. Rajasthan is beautiful… I have traveled a lot in that state…. do visit sometime and let me know……


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