Ain’t I Cute….. A Barbet Story

Once upon a time I was very common in Delhi NCR. I can be seen every where, happy, chirping and playing with my family. But today I found no space to live and play. Trees are dirty with pollution, air is dirty with pollution, water is dirty with pollution. The sound of vehicles make me deaf and my young ones die. There are no trees of fruits left and no insects for me to feed my family and young ones. Where do I go. This is story of all my friends and cousins. You human beings first destroy and then wake up when its too late…. save us…..

Don’t you enjoy our beauty… look at our colors… aren’t they beautiful…. nature made us to live with you… so that you can enjoy our beauty….

Brown Headed Barbet

Today I have come to this barren tree to tell my story – human beings please tell me where do I go… do I have any right to live on this planet and enjoy the beauty… why are you destroying my habitat…. we are not able to reproduce and hence getting reduced in numbers…. Alas one day I will be found only in pictures… and your children will read me as extinct specie…. Please save my habitat…

Brown Headed Barbet

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