• The Rann Utsav which is held in Kutch region of Gujrat will be held from 1st November this year. The festival is held in white desert (salt desert) is carnival of Music and Dance. Enjoy the beauty of Rann- The white Desert by becoming part of it.
  • Increasing carbon levels in the oceans may lead to the sixth mass extinction i by about 2100, says a study. MIT scientists have predicted this after analysing data from the last 540 million years. Read full story in Time of India
  • In a unique finding, the Chhattisgarh forest department found country's smallest descendent of ungulate species known as Indian mouse deer in forests of Gariyaband district "with photographic evidence", during phase IV Tiger monitoring programme conducted by Nova Nature Welfare Society. Read more in the news reported in Times of India
  • Shivya Nath, a 29-year-old travel blogger, spent the last three weeks working on a campaign to raise awareness about the harmful environmental consequences of using plastic water bottles in Spiti, an eco-sensitive high altitude mountain desert. Read complete story reported in Hindustan Times.
  • Butterfly month' commenced on September 1 and this activity was organised by the Conservation Education Centre (Delhi wing of Bombay Natural History Society), in a bid to record butterfly species.

    Butterfly month aims to provide an accurate and updated list of butterfly species found across NCR, the results of which will be announced on September 23.
  • The International Union for Conservation of Nature said on Thursday that new data taken through 2016 prompted the reclassification of the snow leopard from the endangered list to the vulnerable category.
  • The 3rd Jal Mahotsav which is Water Festival will be held at Hanuwantiya Island in Madhya Pradesh from 15th October-2017 till 2nd January 2018. The Festival is Organised by Madhya Pradesh Tourism.
  • Kaziranga National Park Situated in State of Assam will open for Visitors on October 2, which is one month before the usual time. Officials stated that initially only two ranges Kohora and Bagori will be opened.